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HSE & Quality

Because We Care for Any Form of Life

Starting from our rooted belief and culture that “all incidents are preventable”, we continuously ensure that each member of the C.A.T. family acts responsibly towards his/her surrounding, colleagues, clients, partners and other contractors to make sure we all go back home safely to our loved ones
HSE & Quality

Demanding Industry

Through a proactive approach involving training, setting in place thorough procedures, planning, monitoring and implementing carefully designed systematic improvement measures, we ensure living up to our belief.

All on Board

Every member of the C.A.T. family is empowered and entrusted with a stop-work privilege anytime he identifies a potential cause for an incident at the workplace
With a bottom down commitment we verbalize our live objectives that we set for ourselves to achieve every year.

Do it right the first time

In C.A.T., we believe that maintaining high levels of quality assurance result in win-win situations to all project stakeholders.
Despite being often counter-intuitive, investment in quality achievement positively affect the bottom line of both C.A.T. and its clients
HSE & Quality
HSE & Quality

Proactivness is Essential

Being in a variety of sectors and industries of which the very demanding Oil & Gas, C.A.T. maintains high levels of HSE standards that obey our internal needs, those of our clients and international standards such as OHSAS 18001

The Right Platform, Systems, & Control

A deep understanding of our projects from engineering to constructability is essential for a proper preparation for the execution of the works. Therefore, the human factor is at the core of all quality matters. This is why in C.A.T. we invest in people to complement their experience with the development of the right skills needed to identify potential faults beforehand.
The message resonates clearly within the organization providing clear directions and a set of objectives that each and every member of C.A.T. family works towards accomplishing.
Achieving our demanding objectives entailed two main actions, setting the proper platform and a proper implementation of our plans.
We dedicate a lot of effort to developing thorough procedures, method statements, risk assessments and construction techniques to be followed during execution phase.

A religious commitment to executing the set method statements with strict control and test plans ensure the elimination of any unacceptable deviations.

Continual Improvement

Through loyalty, dedication and hard our team is constantly transforming experience and lessons learnt into knowledge and best practices. This cycle of continual improvement is constantly passed and recycled with the next generation of our leaders.

Because We Care for mother earth & all ecosystems

C.A.T. Group is committed to conducting operations in a manner that safeguards the environment and prevents pollution
We believe that environmental incidents are preventable and that negative effects upon the environment can be eliminated or minimized through a proactive approach involving planning, monitoring and the implementation of a stepwise system of improvement measures.
HSE & Quality

We are totally committed to compliance with all pertinent environmental requirements inclusive of:

Statutory, Legal and others to which the company subscribes.
Management has developed, documented and implements an Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO14001 which is maintained, periodically reviewed and continually improved in order to meet changing situations.

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