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CMW-13099-C001Construction of New District Cooling Secondary Network
  • Company:
    Contracting & Trading Co. "C.A.T." Abu Dhabi
  • Country:
    United Arab Emirates
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Original Value:
  • Client:
    UAE Armed Forces Command of Military Works
8 off ETS Secondary Side, External network (HOPE, approx 2 km) from the ETS's to the isolating/building/future valve pits Installation of electric (power) cables from substations to ETS. Removal of 1 off existing sub-station and replace with a new packaged sub-station. Extend and terminate Fiber-optic cable from IVP to ETS PLC in 5 off ETS. Supply and Installation of OPT and Fiber-optic cable in 3 off ETS secondary network.
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