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Marina Towers Development
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    Contracting & Trading Co. "C.A.T." Lebanon SAL
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    Marina Towers S.A.L.
Marina Towers is one of the largest and most distinguished prime waterfront residential development on the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated on the dramatic coastline of central Beirut and overlooking the new and exclusive Beirut Marina. The project consists of a residential luxury’s tower, a garden, and a building. Built on 7,100 sqm of land and reaching a towering height of 160 m, the crescent shape plan is expressed at the top as two planes of glass, likened to sails caught in the wind. The residential tower consists of 26 floors divided into 17 simplex floors and 7 duplex floors with a two-floor penthouse and a private health club facility. Directly opposite Marina Towers, and exclusively linked by the city’s only underground tunnel is the Beirut Western Marina which can accommodate up to 500 boats.
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