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  • Pipeline
    C.A.T. as a long-standing and active member of the International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA), is a respected leader in this field. The Group’s pre-eminence in pipeline construction in the Middle East dates back to the 1950’s when C.A.T. joined forces with Motherwell Bridge & Engineering Company Ltd. Of Scotland to create Mothercat.
    Due to the market demands and to the world’s constant development, C.A.T. relied on a large scale pipeline construction set-up to design, build and transport oil, gas and water. Today, C.A.T. is a full-fledged pipeline contractor providing turn-key pipeline solutions with distinguished project management capabilities.

    C.A.T. laid pipelines in the most difficult and remote terrains under very harsh conditions. We take pride of our accomplishments and what we were able to bring to the communities we served in terms of socioeconomic development. In Africa’s tropical climates under heavy rain or in the swamps and the jungles we remained focused on successful delivery. The hot and arid weather in the Middle East made our team even more resilient and efficient in the execution of some pipeline projects that became key in the transport of Oil & Gas in the region.
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  • Electromechanical
    Ever since its inception C.A.T. has been developing its capabilities in various fields. With its heavy involvement in building works and the energy sector, C.A.T. built up its know-how in Electromechanical and MEP works. Today C.A.T. offers EPC solutions for a variety of Electromechanical projects entailing also MEP works.
    With the distinctive skills of its pipeline welders and precision of its pipeline fitters it managed to capitalize on this know how to tackle complete mechanical works on industrial plants such as compression stations, gathering centers, refineries, wellheads tie-ins, petrochemical plants etc.

    Be it power plants, sub-stations, transmission lines, or any industrial or commercial facilities, the C.A.T. group’s team of professionals is ready to execute electrical and instrumentation works.
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  • Civil Works
    Civil Works
    The backbone of every successful economy is a robust infrastructure. This sector has witnessed a tremendous growth throughout the years in the Middle East especially in the last decade. In Africa, this sector remains vital for the communities living in rural and remote areas.
    C.A.T. has undertaken a long list of projects in this field entailing kilometers of roads in Africa, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and developments in water and airports as a natural extension. The New Port at Ras Al-Khaimah, Zaria Water Supply Project Phase 1 in Kaduna - Nigeria, the Hargeisa – Berbera Road – 158 kms in Somalia and the Fifth Ring Road in Kuwait are some of these achievements just to name a few.

    Clients from both the public and private sectors, whatever their area of interest - be it commercial, industrial or military can rely on the C.A.T. Group’s flexible approach and sound engineering skills. C.A.T. constantly reviews its strategies to ensure cost effectiveness, quality and environmentally-sensitive solutions to client needs.
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  • Services
    Another core strength of C.A.T. is the ability to extend its services beyond the commissioning of turnkey projects. The Group has been helping its clients to operate and maintain their assets throughout the intended lifecycles.
    Through the engineering of tailor-made solutions and the deployment of specialized teams C.A.T. ensures optimal operation and maintenance costs. As a matter of fact, when undertaking turnkey projects, a team of experienced engineers channels the design efforts to achieve an ergonomic design easier to operate and to maintain.

    With the provision of sot and hard facility management services, C.A.T. is able to integrate all the required processes in order to develop and maintain adequate industrial practices resulting in efficient and effective running of the clients' facilities.
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  • Headquarters
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