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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

The partners strategically established in 1993 an international corporate structure. C.A.T. Holding S.A. was registered in Luxembourg and took oversight of all contracting activities.
The new corporate structure and governance, created a separation between the ownership and the operational management making C.A.T. the first construction company in the Middle East with an employed professional management.

The Board of Directors of the Holding company consists of members of the owning families and independent executive and non-executive members with a variety of expertise and prominence in their fields. The board holds regular meetings that are recorded. Similarly executive committees also meet regularly in relation with their assigned tasks.

The Corporate Structure is designed to respond quickly to clients' demands and to market exigencies and opportunities.

It combines a balanced mix of decentralization where the areas of operations enjoy a margin of liberty in operational decision making and in pursuing works and managing and allocating resources. It identifies itself closely with employees' aspirations and coaches them along a clear line of career planning where succession policies are the underlying principle.

A centralized Management guides, directs and sets goals. It draws up, in direct consultation with the group's local management, implementation strategies and monitors the progress of works, cost analysis and re-adjustment of targets and policies when needed.

The structure is flexible enough to cater for new developments and re-assignment of duties on short notice. Its reserves of human resources capabilities gives the Group the agility to move fast and jump on any new or pressing needs, growing demands or emerging opportunities.

A rounded up vision gives the Group a sense of direction and aligns its resources with the Group's strategies and business plans.
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