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About C.A.T. Group
The C.A.T. Group has played a significant and proud role in the history of 20th Century contracting. Established in Haifa in 1937, the Contracting And Trading (C.A.T.) Company experienced both the sufferings and the aspirations of the tumultuous area. learn more
Letter from Group C.E.O.
For the last 79 years, our Group has provided world class construction and project management services to clients in different parts of the world. We have focused in the last two decades on growing the business in the Middle East, GCC and West Africa. learn more
The C.A.T. Group Mission, Vision, and Values. learn more
Our ISOs
the Health & Safety Certification
OHSAS 18001
The contracting and trading "C.A.T." Group of Companies (C.A.T. Group) achieved the Health & Safety Certification OHSAS 18001 in December 2005.

The Quality Certification
ISO 9001
The contracting and trading "C.A.T." Group of Companies (C.A.T. Group) achieved the Quality Certification ISO 9001 in July 1999.

The Environment Certification
ISO 14001
The contracting and trading "C.A.T." Group of Companies (C.A.T. Group) achieved the Environment Certification ISO 14001 in September 2014.

The C.A.T. Group Environmental Policy
The Policy
General Maintenance Repairs and Carriageway Expansion along Mbiama - Yenagoa Road Ch.0+000-Ch.1+500 (Section I), Contract no. GM/12-15, between Ch. 1+500 - Ch.3+000 along Mbiama - Yenegoa Road, (Section II) in Bayelsa State, Contract no. GM/12-16; Re Repairs of road including sand subgrade, sand cement subbase, crushed stone base course with asphalt binder and wearing layers; in addition to one span 16m R/C Bridge and misc. conc.works

Year: 2013
Value: 15 USD
Increase Riyadh - Qassim Product Pipeline Capacity BOOSTER/SHIPPING PUMPS, PIPING, CIVIL, E & I , STRUCT, STEEL

Year: 2013
Value: 27 USD
Construction ofsam Shopping Mall at Katsina Construction of Shopping Complex including Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and aother ancillary works

Year: 2013
Value: 13 USD
Crude Oil Pipeline of MBAC Mine & Refinery Project - Alumina Refinery. EPC woks for 24kms of 8" Partially buried crude oil pipeline for MBAC Mine & refinery Project - Alumina refinery including Metering skid and scraper launchers / Receivers

Year: 2012
Value: 16 USD
29 Feb 2016
The C.A.T. group celebrates C.A.T.'s Day on February 29th of each Leap Year & Rewards Long Servi...
Saudi Aramco - 4th annual sportfest 2015 - Best in Uniform Award
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Certificate of Appreciation
NA/WR Community Services Department RT-Contractor parts Administration...
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Certificate of Appreciation
For support and cooperation towards the achievement of 10 million manhours without lost time acciden...
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