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About C.A.T. Group
The C.A.T. Group has played a significant and proud role in the history of 20th Century contracting. Established in Haifa in 1937, the Contracting And Trading (C.A.T.) Company experienced both the sufferings and the aspirations of the tumultuous area.
Founder Emile Bustani was joined by partners, Abdallah Khoury and Shukri Shammas, to form a company of the same name and with the same corporate emblem, the well-known black cat. learn more
Our ISOs
the Health & Safety Certification
OHSAS 18001
The contracting and trading "C.A.T." Group of Companies (C.A.T. Group) achieved the Health & Safety Certification in december the 20th 2005.

The Quality Certification
ISO 9001
The contracting and trading "C.A.T." Group of Companies (C.A.T. Group) achieved the Quality Certification in july 1999.

The Environmental Management System Policy
Master Gas System (MGS) 56 Inch EWG-2 Loop -1 Pipeline from KM 916 near East - West PS 4 to PS 7 . Contract No 6600032833

Year: 2014
Value: 246,778,719 $
Haradh Satellite Fields Construction - Contract No. 6600033495

Year: 2014
Value: 188,571,967 $
Transmission Pipelines for Mega Reservoirs- Tender No. GTC 611/2013; JV with BOOM Construction Qatar (50/50)

Year: 2014
Value: 126,712,011 $
General Maintenance Repairs and Carriageway Expansion along Mbiama - Yenagoa Road Ch.0+000-Ch.1+500 (Section I), Contract no. GM/12-15, between Ch. 1+500 - Ch.3+000 along Mbiama - Yenegoa Road, (Section II) in Bayelsa State, Contract no. GM/12-16; Re

Year: 2013
Value: 15,298,639 USD
07 Sep 2013
Save the Date, Emile Bustani 50 Years after his untimely death. His Legacy a Symposium. Hotel Al Bu...
10 Millions Accident Free Man Hours Jul 2012
10 millions Accident Free Man Hours Jul 2012...
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20 Millions Free Man Hours without LTI Contribution -QATAR
20 Millions Free Man Hours without LTI Contribution - Msheireb Properties...
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Certificate of Appreciation
For support and cooperation towards the achievement of 10 million manhours without lost time acciden...
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