A history of firsts.

Over the decades, we’ve been first on the ground, helping establish civilization in challenging environments.
First to construct major hospital in Kuwait.”
First to ensure oil export from Qatar.”
First to build major sports stadium in UAE.”
First to lay 30-inch diameter pipeline in Kuwait.”
First to build fertilizer complex in KSA.”
First to create cement works in UAE.”

Adopting a lifelong

When you have over 8 decades of working with some of the finest companies on the planet, and yet in some of the most inhospitable places too, you are bound to have some fascinating stories to tell and aggregate some valuable learning that takes you forward to make you even wiser next time around.

Discover the services we offer and how we have delivered them through the success stories that C.A.T has enjoyed over the years, alongside a few facts that just might surprise.


It’s always easy to say what you can do,
but proving it can be quite another matter.

So here’s your chance to discover the documentation behind our achievements
that demonstrates we are qualified to deliver your success.


Did You Know?