When you’re ranked third in the world by the respected ENR, you must be doing something right.

Critical to economies, commercial pipelines have been delivering oil, gas and water since the 1900’s. Sewerage pipelines have been operating for at least 4,500 years – so it might be said they’re as important now as they’ve always been. Today, hydrogen is the fuel of the future, but the need for high-quality pipelines to ensure safe and efficient delivery regardless of what’s inside remains.

We’ve been in the pipeline business since the 1950s and today we are ranked 3rd of the top pipeline contractors in the world, providing turnkey solutions accompanied by complementary project management capabilities. We’ve achieved this by focusing on client needs, ensuring safety is paramount, focusing on value engineering and delivering on time.

We’ve laid pipelines in all corners of the earth and in all terrains, and are proud to have helped build economies and societies in the process.