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EPIC for Consolidated Pipeline/Piping Replacement Works (Combined Package A & Package B)

Rehabilitation / Reconstruction of Selected Awka Roads

Haradh Satellite Fields Construction – Contract No. 6600033495

Afjat Muaither RPS and Associated Pipelines

Location: Qatar

Client: Qatar General Electricity & Water Corporation (Kahramaa)

Value: $50M – $75M

Timeline: 4.5 years


• Two reservoirs of 18 MIG (each) Usable Storage Capacity including all necessary works of piping, electrical, instrumentation, and inlet flow controls system and metering, landscaping, and drainage, among other associated works

• New pump-house and control building along with all necessary civil, mechanical, electrical, control, Fire alarm & protection, and instrumentation works to accommodate and operate fourteen (14) VFD pumps

• Two pump groups: 1st: 6 pumps at this stage and one future slot with 250 lps at 55 meters’ head. 2nd: 7 pumps with 250 lps at 65 meters’ head

• Emergency Tanker Filling Station (ETFS) along with 4-point Tanker Filling Area, building to accommodate and operate 2 Nos. pumps (1 duty + 1 standby) for Tanker Filling Station (TFS).

• Hydraulic study for entire water piping, pumping station, and reservoirs systems

• Surge & transient analysis for the complete piping system as well as other related piping

• Associated pipelines work

• Chlorination building

• Compressor building

• Guard house

• Switchgear building

• Lagoon

• Parking area

• Internal roads and street lighting

• Lighting

• Domestic water supply

• Boundary wall

Unique Challenge: Mitigating the delays attributed to COVID-19 and to the difficulties in securing design approvals.

Client Satisfaction / Awards: C.A.T.’s performance exceeded the Client’s expectations. The Client was very satisfied with C.A.T.’s abilities. Received 2.5M Manhours without LTI Certificate from KEO, the Project Consultant.

C.A.T. Business Goals: Ability to deliver the project under difficult conditions and time constraints.

Sustainability: In terms of sustainability goals, the project is one of the most successful projects in Kahramaa and based on C.A.T.’s achievement, the Client confirmed on many occasions that C.A.T. was the right Contractor for the job.


•Maintaining strong HSSE performance (Achieved over 2.5M LTI Free Manhours)
•Securing the HSSE procedures approval.
•Testing and Commissioning – HSE Plan and LOTO procedure approval.
•Monthly reporting in place to KEO and KM – Transparency in reporting.

More Projects

EPIC for Consolidated Pipeline/Piping Replacement Works (Combined Package A & Package B)

Afjat Muaither RPS and Associated Pipelines

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