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EPIC for Consolidated Pipeline/Piping Replacement Works (Combined Package A & Package B)

Location: Qatar

Client: QatarEnergy

Value: $25M – $75M

Timeline: 1 year


The scope of the project includes the below scope of works for the combined Package A and Package B: Package A :
•The expansion works of the existing stations
•Piping tie-in at different locations including all necessary instruments and utility connections and piping connections to the new pipeline
•New buried 10” Fuel Gas Pipeline within approximately 8km in length including ESDVs and manual valves at Stations
•Boundary fence extension
•Pre-commissioning and commissioning
•New Flare Package and associated systems
•Permanent pig launcher and receiver facilities at Stations
•De-commissioning and purging of the existing 18” fuel gas pipeline
•Decommissioning and demolition of the 8” link line from the Station to the existing 18” pipeline, and of piping at stations.
Package B:
Scope of work includes the detailed engineering, procurement, installation, construction, decommissioning and inert, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up, and performance testing of the proposed facilities:
•One (1) no. 16-inch new OFFRAG peggable pipeline approximately 2.4 km long along with its permanent pigging facilities
•The decommissioning of existing pipeline and unused piping and instruments items by removing the hydrocarbon inventory, purging with nitrogen, and blinding. The demolition of existing facilities is by others.
•Piping connections associated with Pig traps and Mainline
•Civil, structural, electrical, instrumentation, and telecom works
•Hot-tapping (provisional work for shutdowns)
•Additional 10-in. size piping branch along with the valves required in Station to connect with the new bypass line.

Unique Challenge:

Package A &B
•The heat and humidity from June to September.
•Approval process and onboarding of personnel – 3 to 4 months.
•High winds impacting work front – Open areas.
•Aclimatization of teams to Qatar Energy policies and procedures.
Package B:
•MIC Gate pass process – Reapplication of access cards.
•The access process to commence works – Requires additional reviews and updating of the work process.

Client Satisfaction / Awards: The client is satisfied with the progress achieved in terms of procurement and construction front on the project.

C.A.T. Business Goals: Working to achieve the business goals set for the project by the end of the year.


Package A&B
•The CEMP and ERR are approved with the Environmental permit renewed for package A.
•Environmental – R3 program in place (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).

  • Baseline programs were established for all areas – TSF, 24″ demolition, and MIC TSF.
    •Emissions monitoring and reporting weekly / Monthy.


Package A &B
•The early mobilization and onboarding of HSSE personnel was successful.
•Obtained HSSE work commencement Certficate – Qatar Energy full support provided.
•Weekly HSSE and SSW performed and lessons learnt shared.
•Weekly and monthly reporting in place to Qatar Energy.
•Deliverables – Approvals in place.
•Environmetal – CEMP and Environmental permits in place (Obtained exemption for PackageB)

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EPIC for Consolidated Pipeline/Piping Replacement Works (Combined Package A & Package B)

Afjat Muaither RPS and Associated Pipelines

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