Maintain Potential Program

Location: KSA Client: Saudi Aramco Value:  Over $250M Timeline: 23 Years/Months Scope: This is a UR contract (Being renewed periodically every 4 to 5 years). The scope is the Construction of oil & Gas  Well heads, Flow lines, trunk lines, Remote headers, gathering Manifolds, water, and CO2 injection lines. Tie-ins to existing transmission lines and […]

Haradh Satellite Fields Construction – Contract No. 6600033495

Location: KSA- HARADH Client: Saudi Aramco Value:  $75M – $250M Timeline: 6 Years/1 Month Scope: Construction of 286 Kms Flowlines, Trunklines & Transmission lines (8 to 24″); 6 R/ Headers and 1 Gas manifold; 5 OSB with IT services, 5 TETRA Communication Towers, 206 Kms of FOC; HV Overhead Power lines and CP. 20 KM […]

Master Gas System SRG 2 Pipeline PCV Meter Station Upgrades & UBTG-1 Sales Gas Project – Amendments to Contract 6600019233 MGS Expansion SRG-2 Pipeline, Upgrade PCV & Meter Station

Location: KSA Client: Saudi Aramco Value:  $75M – $250M Timeline: 4 Years/10 Months Scope: EPC project for design, procurement, and construction of 2 No. of 56″ gas Pipelines:  SRG-2  (56 KM) and UBTG-1 (57 KM) with all associated facilities. Construction of 19 Vessels for Black powder filtration systems in 8 Locations with all civil, structural, […]