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  • Oil & Gas
    Oil & Gas
    Ever since its inception, C.A.T. Group has been playing a fundamental role in helping nations with the development of their Oil & Gas infrastructure. From 1937 marking the first contract with I.P.C. (Iraq Petroleum Company) until today, the Group has built unparalleled experience in the hydrocarbons sector
    Relying on a loyal human capital that has been recycling the know-how with the next generations of leaders, the Group has earned a great familiarity with most of the main regional Oil players in the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia. Going beyond the peculiarities of the geographical aspects, the family of experienced personnel developed a valuable understanding of the clients needs, standards and way of conducting business. The confidence established with clients throughout the decades of successful project execution, placed C.A.T. in a unique position as a reliable partner.

    C.A.T. expertise in process plant construction is a by-product of its leadership in pipeline work and its close links with the oil and gas industries. Through these connections, C.A.T. has been involved in the building of fertilizer plants, pumping and compressor stations, gas oil separation plants, production facilities, refineries, oil terminals, catalytic reforming units and amine gas sweetening and general gas treatment plants.
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  • Water & Utilities
    Water & Utilities
    The C.A.T. Group has had years of experience in helping private and public sectors throughout Africa and the Middle East in the development and implementation of their water and utilities strategies. C.A.T. offers an integrated and flexible range of building and installation services designed to meet the demands of industrial and municipal clients for high standard facilities such as pumping stations, storage, transmission networks & pipelines, district cooling, waste water, water treatment and desalination plants.
    C.A.T. is recognized as a leader in the construction of Cooling Plants in the Middle East. The Group has a great legacy of cooling industrial facilities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Ajman and Fujairah topped by a worldwide largest cooling plant in the Pearl Development project in Qatar.
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  • Energy
    The Energy sector is a vital element and index of growth globally. There is an increasing demand for power drawn by cities, industries and populations. Moreover, the world is witnessing a variety of energy sources and means of generation that keep evolving with time.
    In this regard, C.A.T. leverages over eight decades of experience in the power generation and distribution industry. C.A.T. is familiar with various types of plants such as gas and steam generation on open or combined cycle basis including the installation of balance of plants and required utilities & facilities.

    As a general contractor, C.A.T. provides a complete spectrum of disciplines such as civil works, piping, electrical, instrumentation and turnkey substations and control buildings for the power sector.
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  • Infrastructure & Civil
    Infrastructure & Civil
    The backbone of every successful economy is a robust infrastructure. This sector has witnessed a tremendous growth throughout the years in the Middle East especially in the last decade. In Africa, this sector remains vital for the communities living in rural and remote areas.
    C.A.T. has been maintaining a prominent presence in this sector throughout its decades of operations. In fact, the Group has been associated with many vital infrastructural and civil developments. Whether, roads, bridges, ports, waste water and network infrastructures, C.A.T. has succeeded in commissioning a long list of projects that modernized the infrastructures of its stakeholders.
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  •  Buildings
    Since its inception, C.A.T. has continuously cultivated its expertise and know-how in the field of buildings construction. Whether through project management or direct construction, timely and safe delivery is always a primary target.
    The ability to mobilize resources and to manage large construction is an aspect of the industry that C.A.T. dedicates a lot of effort to. Our name is marked on a long list of buildings of various types and functions.

    Through innovative construction techniques and meticulous planning, we are able to offer fast-track execution that meets our client’s schedule’s and budget requirements while maintaining a high level of quality and safety. Our team of professionals can be involved with the clients from the design stage to optimize the construction costs and building performance.
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  •  Facilities Management
    Facilities Management
    Another core strength of C.A.T. is the ability to extend its services beyond the commissioning of turnkey projects. The Group has been helping its clients to operate and maintain their assets throughout the intended lifecycles.
    Through the engineering of tailor-made solutions and the deployment of specialized teams C.A.T. ensures optimal operation and maintenance costs. As a matter of fact, when undertaking turnkey projects, a team of experienced engineers channels the design efforts to achieve an ergonomic design easier to operate and to maintain.

    With the provision of soft and hard facility management services, C.A.T. is able to integrate all the required processes in order to develop and maintain adequate industrial practices resulting in efficient and effective running of the clients' facilities.
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  • Headquarters
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